BASIC vs Python

Mike Meyer mwm at
Fri Dec 17 08:43:56 CET 2004

Andrew Dalke <dalke at> writes:

> Adam DePrince
> Given the hardware constraints of the early 1980s, which
> language do you think should have been used instead of BASIC?

Logo. It was invented in 1968, when mainframes weren't much more
powerfull than those '80s microcomputers. It had standard graphics
primitives that are *much* saner than hacking at a bitmapped
display. It was designed specifically to teach children how to think

You can find out more - including a list of current implementations
and example code - at <URL: >.

BASIC as implented by Microsoft for the Apple II and the TRS 80 (among
others) is simply the worst programming language I have ever
encountered. Assembler was better - at least you had recursion with

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