mod_python and xml.sax

Jeffrey Froman jeffrey at
Wed Dec 22 17:17:28 CET 2004

Fredrik Lundh wrote:

> iirc, both apache and python uses the expat parser; if you don't make sure
> that both use the same expat version, you may get into trouble.

Thank you very much Fredrik, this does seem to be the problem I was having.

> this 
> poster claims to have a fix:

In fact two fixes are offered in this one short post :-) The second fix,
linking Python against the system Expat library, is specifically warned
against in Modules/Setup:

#... Source of Expat 1.95.2 is included in
# Modules/expat/.  Usage of a system shared is
# not advised.

So I went with the first fix -- I upgraded the system library to Expat
1.95.8 to match the Expat bundled with Python 2.4 (the excerpt above is
apparently a little outdated). Everything is now working again.


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