pyparsing and 'keywords'

Berteun Damman berteun at
Tue Dec 14 18:01:13 CET 2004


I'm having some problems with pyparsing, I could not find how to tell
it to view certain words as keywords, i.e. not as a possible variable
name (in an elegant way),
for example, I have this little grammar:

terminator = Literal(";")
expr = Word(alphas)
body = Forward();
ifstat = "if" + body + "fi"
stat = expr | ifstat
body << OneOrMore(stat + terminator)
program = body

I.e. some program which contains statements separated by semicolons. A
statement is either an if [....] fi statement or simply a word.

If I try however to parse the String "if test; testagain; fi;", it does
not work, because the fi is interpreted as an expr, not as the end of
the if statement, and of course, adding another fi doesn't solve this

How to fix this?

Thank you,


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