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> Hi, I'm new to Python and looking to run a large project that would
> need automated builds and project reports such as unit test coverage.
> Maven is a great Java software to do this - but is there something I
> should use for Python? I did some searching on SF and this list but
> can't figure out what tools are used by teams to manage large Python
> projects (other than the obvious CVS).
> One idea is to create Maven plugins and reports that would work for
> Python. The plugin would offer build/test/pydoc. One report could be
> based on PyLint.
> Sounds like fun but I don't want to re-invent the wheel if something
> is already out there then I'd rather be a user for this one than the
> developer.
> Thanks in advance.
> Byron Saltysiak

Have you looked at SCons?

The approach seems quite interesting and has the potential
to avoid having to learn several different languages in order
to do builds, as well as the possibility to scale well.

Martin Fowler has this to say on the subject:

Besides, it's in pure Python.

John Roth 

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