Tkinter vs wxPython

Michael McGarry replytogroup at
Tue Dec 28 03:27:18 CET 2004

Esmail Bonakdarian wrote:
> My post wasn't complete, sorry for the additional post:
> ps: this is basically the same query as posted December 10 “Re: GUIs: 
> wxPython vs. Tkinter (and others)” by Erik Johnson which really seemed 
> to end up comparing PyQt (?)
I recommend PyQt because of the easy to use designer progam that speeds 
up GUI development. Designer allows you to design your UI visually and 
establish handlers for events. It outputs a .ui file.

You then call 'pyuic myui.ui >' to turn your ui into a python class.

The Qt framework is very straightforward to use as well and maintains good documentation on the framework.

Check it out:

PS: You can also use your .ui files to output C++ classes with 'uic' 
instead of 'pyuic'. I also think there is a 'puic' to create Perl code. 
So, that single ui description can be used in multiple languages.

My two cents,

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