PSF donations update

Stephan Deibel sdeibel at
Thu Dec 30 20:22:22 CET 2004


Just wanted to follow up on my earlier message requesting donations
to the Python Software Foundation.

The PSF has now announced the projects we are funding in our first
round of grants:

We received many other quality grant proposals that could not be funded
due to the relatively small size of our budget ($40K this year).  I hope
we'll be able to raise substantially more money in the coming year to
allow us to fund more projects in the next cycle.

There are something like 750,000 Python users in the world -- imagine
what we could do with just $10 from each!

Also new since my previous email:  Credit card donations are now (finally) 
working properly.  We can also still accept PayPal and mailed checks.

The PSF is a registered non-profit and donations are tax-deductible
in the USA.

To donate, please go to:

I hope you will consider including the PSF in your year-end giving.  In
addition to funding grants, your donation will help the PSF to run PyCon
annually ( and to protect the intellectual
property rights behind Python.

Thanks very much, and Happy New Year!

Stephan Deibel
Chairman of the Board
Python Software Foundation

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