Blank ASP pages

ElCapitan eliseogonzalez at
Fri Dec 10 19:13:44 CET 2004

I have same exact problem and get the sourcecode right back (asp source
code) when i right click page and view source code. Not sure what
server they are using this is not in my company.
Thanks in advance

Gordon McMillan wrote:
> Jason S. Nadler wrote:
> > My server is spitting out blank .asp pages which use python. If
Python is
> > not declared, the asp pages work fine.
> > I just yesterday stepped up to Python 1.52 and the new win32all
> > After the install, the blanks started appearing.
> > All the paths look fine in registry.
> > Any clues?
> You've asked before, and got no replies, so it's safe to say
> this is not a common problem among the asp users. So you'll
> need to go into more detail.
> What's a "blank page"? One with nothing between <BODY>
> and </BODY>? What does view -> source show you in a
> browser?
> Can you tell (from logs or whatever) that the Python scripts
> are getting run?
> Have you tried setting the debug flag on the components and
> running with the Trace Collector?
> (I know nothing about asp, so I won't be able to help).
> - Gordon

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