[ANN] rpncalc-1.1 RPN Calculator For Python

Raymond L. Buvel levub137 at wi.rr.com
Tue Dec 21 22:27:20 CET 2004

The rpncalc package adds an interactive Reverse Polish Notation (RPN)
interpreter to Python.  This interpreter allows the use of Python as
an RPN calculator.  You can easily switch between the RPN interpreter
and the standard Python interpreter.

Home page:  http://calcrpnpy.sourceforge.net/

Changes in 1.1

* Stack checking gives an appropriate error message instead of aborting 
to the Python interpreter.

* Exceptions are handled within the RPN interpreter instead of aborting 
to the Python interpreter.  This makes recovery much simpler since there 
are very few situations that actually require the Python interpreter for 

* Vocabularies are now ordered by priority.  A complete list of all the 
currently defined vocabularies is available from within the interpreter.

* User can select degrees or radians mode for trig functions.

* Added extended precision floating point using the gmpy module.

* Added a const module that provides some physical constants in SI (MKS) 

* Converted to a Python package to simplify future expansion.

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