Importing class from file in package

Peter Hansen peter at
Sat Dec 4 21:44:07 CET 2004

Florian Lindner wrote:
> I've two files in my package.
> In the first file I want to inport a class which is declared in the 
> second file. How can do that without stating the absolute path to the 
> file, just the relative one?

Assuming you mean by "package" that you have a folder named, say,
"mypkg" and an file in it (that last part is required
for it to be a package in Python), and files and, this
works just fine if you do nothing special:

file mypkg/ contains:

class A:

file mypkg/ contains:

import a
print a.A()

If I run the interpreter in the folder above mypkg,
this works just fine:

 >>> import mypkg.b
<mypkg.a.A instance at 0x00AE8120>

So that leads me to think that either you didn't try this,
or I misunderstood the question...


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