PyCrust: What am I suppose to do?

Jim Sizelove sizelji at
Sat Dec 18 14:11:24 CET 2004

It's me wrote:
> I am trying out PyCrust and at a lost what to do next.  With the previous
> IDE I tried, the IDE pops up the console and the editor.  From the editor, I
> can set up breakpoints and debug and so forth.  Yes, I can even run the
> script.
> With PyCrust, the nice looking 3-pane window pops up with lots of tabs...a
> prompt...and then???   Where is the file I am trying to run?  Even the File
> options are all greyed out...
> <scratching head....>

You can try PyAlaMode instead.  Along with PyCrust, PyShell, and 
PyAlaCarte, it is part of the Py package of wxPython.  PyAlaMode allows 
you to edit and save files.  It is especially nice for trying some code 
in the interpreter, then copying that code and pasting into the editor 
window without pasting the prompts.


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