Need help on program!!!

Dan Perl danperl at
Fri Dec 3 19:40:37 CET 2004

That was also my impression.  Even the description of the problem looks like 
it's just copied from the assignment, so probably didn't even take the time 
to restate the problem in his own words.

But we're speculating.  Either way, this is not a normal request: "I need a 
program to do this, plz help!"  To the OP: you can't seriously expect us to 
actually write the program for you, what kind of help are you looking for?


"Miklós P" <jegenye2001 at> 
wrote in message news:coqapg$j5k$1 at
> Seems very much like homework to me... ;)  And that's something you are
> supposed to do on your own..
> M. 

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