Python To Send Emails Via Outlook Express

Ganesan R rganesan at
Mon Dec 20 11:17:18 CET 2004

>>>>> "ian" == ian  <ian at> writes:

> Hi Ganesan
> Wow, I'm REALLY impressed with the high level of support in this forum.
> (Another great reason to continue learning Python <grin>

Well, I am a Linux guy myself. I experimented with win32com a bit a couple
of weeks back, so I am trying my ideas on you ;-).

> I tried what you suggested.  After trying a different from/to address the
> message is sent. But it is NOT sent via Outlook Express.

s.Configuration.Load(cdoSourceOutlookExpress) only loads the OutlookExpress
configuration. It does not use Outlook Express to send. I am surprised why
your original from and to address settings didn't work after calling the
Load() method. 

I did some more reading. Unlike Outlook which you can automate by getting
the application object using CreateObject("Outlook.Application") and
automate it, Outlook Express is not a COM server. 


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