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lamb2000 <lamb2000 at> wrote:
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>        No one in the world knows the answer to my question!
>        " Is it possible to emulate in Python for Linux the mouse and/or the keyboard?"
>        I am coming from XP, where I have plenty of methods (AutoIt, Macro Express,
> Macro Scheduler and even VBA macro registration in Excel).
>        It is not necessary that I use Python (it should be better!). The goal of my request is
> obviously automatization of tasks in X environment, like shell programming in non-graphic
> environment.
>        Examples of application could be:
> - Send queries to the server exacly simulating what I do by hand (urllib technique is difficult 
> to apply with certain servers...)
> - Send to the printer or delete part of documents 
> -  ... and so on
>       I know that all this tasks could be programmed, but for a newbie like me it is easier to 
> follow what I already know.null

what you want is an interface to xtest

look for xautomation package (not python, but calling xautomation from
python is trivial)

I used it successfully to get an information out of old win3.1 program
running under WINE
(10000 times (pagedown + screenshot + OCR))

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