lies about OOP

Ilja Preuß preuss at
Wed Dec 15 14:52:14 CET 2004

Daniel T. wrote:

> Mr. Hatton suffers from the same problem that many OO critics suffer.
> He thinks that the language choice decides whether the program
> written is an OO program. I've seen plenty of very non-OO systems
> written in OO languages, I've seen expert OO systems written in
> non-OO languages. OOP isn't a language choice, it is a style of
> problem solving.

And he suffers from the common misunderstanding that OO is better because
"it matches the way we think about the world". It wouldn't suprise me if
design created with that reasoning in mind is more costly than a good non-OO

If you use the features of an OOPL, most importantly polymorphism, to manage
the dependencies in your code, and you do have some experience doing so, I'm
quite certain that it reduces "corrective maintenance cost".

Take care, Ilja

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