using cmd.exe as a telnet client

Donnal Walter donnal at
Mon Dec 6 19:52:31 CET 2004

I wrote:
> I've been wanting to get acquainted with Twisted for awhile
> now, ... BTW, do you know if Twisted's option negotiation
> uses a callback function? I might download it to take a look, ...

Sorry I did not do this earlier, before I posted. It is obvious (now 
that I have downloaded it) that Twisted's Telnet implementation is based 
on its own Protocol base class (nice design). The only documentation I 
have been able to find, however, is in the protocols/telnet module 
itself. It is still not immediately obvious (to me) how to use the iac* 
methods to negotiate these options. Any help is much appreciated.

(I've not given up on writing my own funtion for Python's telnetlib, but 
I'm trying to keep all my options open. Besides, I will probably have 
other uses for Twisted later.)

Donnal Walter
Arkansas Children's Hospital

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