extending python with a C-written dll

Jean-Baptiste PERIN jb_perin at yahoo.fr
Mon Dec 20 17:55:04 CET 2004

Diez B. Roggisch a écrit :

>>The fact is that the python interpreter I use is not a standard one
>>It is a python interpreter delivered within a software named Blender.
>>I don't know whether it is possible or not to add ctypes to it ..(I
>>don't even have a python shell to perform the setup)
>>I'm sure it is possible to use dll-built with it ..
>>So please .. can you tell me where I can find Py_BuildValue and
>>Py_InitModule4 to link with ?
> I doubt that adding new modules as dlls is easier than incorporating
> pure-python ones or a mixture of both - as ctypes most probably is. After
> all, its pythons module loading mechanism that kicks in for all cases.
> If ctypes suits your needs outside of blender, I'd go for trying to
> incorporate it into the blender interpreter.

I've tried to build and install ctypes from sources

I ran the following command:

 >> python setup.py build

and I got the following message:

 >> error: Python was built with version 6 of Visual Studio, and 
extensions need to
be built with the same version of the compiler, but it isn't installed.

:( :( :( :( So sad ....

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