Persistent objects

Nigel Rowe rho at see.signature.invalid
Sun Dec 12 13:38:39 CET 2004

Paul Rubin wrote:

> I've had this recurring half-baked desire for long enough that I
> thought I'd post about it, even though I don't have any concrete
> proposals and the whole idea is fraught with hazards.
> Basically I wish there was a way to have persistent in-memory objects
> in a Python app, maybe a multi-process one.

Maybe POSH ( is what you want.

>From the "About POSH"

Python Object Sharing, or POSH for short, is an extension module to Python
that allows objects to be placed in shared memory. Objects in shared memory
can be accessed transparently, and most types of objects, including
instances of user-defined classes, can be shared. POSH allows concurrent
processes to communicate simply by assigning objects to shared container

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