building python extensions with .net sdk compiler?

Zuurcool zuurcool_NOSPAM_ at
Fri Dec 10 10:32:22 CET 2004

Anthony Baxter wrote:
> I'm trying to build a binary of fastaudio (the wrapper for the PortAudio
> library, from for Python 2.3.
> There's a lot of FAQs and the like out there that give some simple directions,
> involving fetching the .net sdk from MSDN and distutils "should work" - 
> however, when I follow them and try to do the build step, I get
> a message:
>   error: Python was built with version 6 of Visual Studio, and extensions need 
>   to be built with the same version of the compiler, but it isn't installed.

Hello Anthony,

I got this insane message, how did you solve this "problem" ?

running install
running build
running build_py
running build_ext
error: The .NET Framework SDK needs to be installed before building 
extensions for Python.

Or does anyone know why i get this message, the .net sdk is about 100Mb, 
no fun !


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