lies about OOP

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Dec 14 14:17:22 CET 2004

sbassi at wrote:
> I just can't  see what can be done with OOP taht can't be done with
> standart procedural programing.

Well, there's absolutely nothing you can do with OOP that
can't be done with "standard procedural programming" (SPP).

But that's hardly the point.  After all, anything you can
do with OOP or SPP can be done with assembly language as

OOP is way of approaching the design and construction of
the software.  As a starting point, consider the advantages
of procedural programming over using raw assembly language.

Now consider that there might be similar advantages in
using OOP instead of procedural programming.

And, lastly, to bring this on topic for this forum, consider
that there might be advantages in using *Python*, specifically,
for doing this OOP programming, compared to many other
languages.  Not that you can do things in Python you can't
do in other languages (such as, say, assembly).  Just that
you can do them much more easily, and the resulting code
will be much more readable to you and others.

(To be fair, for certain tasks using OOP provides basically
no advantages, and in fact might represent a more awkward
model for the code than a simple procedural program would.
If that's the sort of program you are faced with writing,
by all means stick with SPP and leave OOP to those who
write complex applications that really benefit from it.)


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