[pywin32] windows shares, was os.listdir("\\\\delta\\public")

Egor Bolonev ebolonev at mail.ru
Mon Dec 6 09:49:55 CET 2004

> Try grabbing the output of os.popen(r"net view \\delta") and
> parse it to get a list of the shares:
> c:\>net view \\monolith
> Shared resources at \\monolith
> Share name  Type   Used as  Comment
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Printer     Print           Microsoft Office Document Image Writer
> Printer2    Print           hp psc 1310 series
> Printer3    Print           HP LaserJet 4
> shared      Disk   I:
> SharedDocs  Disk
> The command completed successfully.
> No doubt you can also do this much more easily with the pywin32
> package, or via COM (using pywin32 or ctypes), but I'll leave
> that response to someone else.  Or you could figure it out yourself
> if you are motivated enough.

how to get list of shares using pywin32? 

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