Is this a good use for lambda

Max M maxm at
Mon Dec 20 11:40:04 CET 2004

Steve Holden wrote:
>> Max M wrote:
>>> Isn't it about time you became xml avare, and changed that to:
>>> <f/>
> Yeah, but give the guy a break, we've all made feeble attempts at humor 
> from time to time.

Hey, what's wrong with a little nørd humor...

I just found it amusing that somenone like Frederik Lundh, who has 
written xml stuff like ElementTree, uses something that reminds of an 
old HTML tag as a sig.

> You realize, I suppose, that it's a reference to the 
> fact that XHTML uses lower-case tags and allows self-closure with a 
> trailing slash after the tag name?
> let's-keep-that-christmas-spirit-coming-ly y'rs  - steve

:-) yes please.


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark
IT's Mad Science

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