Improving Python (was: Lambda going out of fashion)

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>(I've said it before, and I'll say it again: native unicode and
>generators are the only essential additions I've seen since 1.5.2, with
>properties and sub-classable C types sharing a distant third place.
>the rest of the stuff has had zero impact on my ability to write solid
>code in no time at all, and negative impact on my ability to download
>stuff that others have written and expect it to work in any Python
>version but the latest...)

Hmmm...  I find code much more readable and writable now that apply() is
going away.  And unless you mean "generator" to include iterators in
general, I believe that iterators are another critical addition.

I'm surprised that you don't include garbage collection and augmented
assignment, though.  String methods have been a net gain, I think.

Reviewing the various What's New documents, it appears that we really
have been holding the line since 2.2 on language changes.
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