Delphi underrated, IDE clues for Python

Colin J. Williams cjw at
Thu Dec 2 01:02:20 CET 2004

John wrote:
> "Caleb Hattingh" <caleb1 at> wrote in message news:<opsh5mkisz1js0xs at>...
>>thx, I already have and use PythonForDelphi (and am on the mailing list).
>>It works very well indeed, my impression is that Python-Delphi connection  
>>is even easier than Python-C integration (e.g. via SWIG, etc), due once  
>>again to the Delphi IDE.  Drag-n-drop in the IDE gets you python code in  
>>your delphi code, or delphi units/objects accessible in python.
>>However, Delphi is not platform indpendent (which is important for me as I  
>>use a different OS at work and at home), and I don't know if  
>>PythonForDelphi supports Kylix.  I am fairly sure it doesn't support  
>>Lazarus, which IS platform independent, but not as feature-rich as Delphi.
>>Btw, on the SHOOTOUT page, you'll see that the Delphi rank for LOC is 28.   
>>This number is pretty meaningless in practice because the IDE does a lot  
>>of code generation for you.  More interesting would have been to see the  
>>rank for LOC you have to type yourself...
>>On 27 Nov 2004 05:17:38 -0800, bearophile <bearophileHUGS at> wrote:
>>>Delphi is a very good language, and quite fast too:
>>>Caleb Hattingh>STILL...Having a Delphi-like IDE for Python would make me  
>>>Maybe here you can find a way to use both at the same time:
> Python + Delphi is pretty much the Zen of programming  for me, for
> now. Both excel in what they try to accomplish, stand at opposite ends
> of the spectrum, yet compliment each other beautifully.
> PythonForDelphi is the only language embedding I have done without any
> stress recently.
> When I make GUI software, I only do it for MS Windows. So portability
> is not an issue. I have not moved to Delphi.NET because Python gives
> everything missing from Delphi and I can have best of both the worlds
> while still having a fast, very rich (thanks to all those VCL
> freeware) and responsive GUI and under 2-3 MB distribution. For same
> reasons, I never really made a full blown GUI app with any Python
> bindings. It's just too easy to design a GUI with Delphi and write
> Windows specific code.
> I wish Borland focussed more in this direction. Bruce Eckel has been
> saying for quite a while that Borland should bring their IDE expertise
> to make a Python IDE.
> I think Python For Delphi module is grossly under rated like Delphi.

Let's not forget Boa-Constructor, developed by Ryaan Boosen, which goes
a long way in this direction.

Colin W.

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