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Alan Kennedy alanmk at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 20 11:56:20 CET 2004

[Doug Holton]
> What is up with the trollers today? 
> They are out in force now that the holidays are here.

Or because it's almost the shortest day of the year?

I'm looking out my latitude-52°N office window at a pale sun that has 
barely made it above the horizon. Today will be less than 8 hours long, 
sunrise to sunset. It's cold, but fortunately quite bright: the days 
when the sun doesn't even poke through the clouds are the days that can 
be the most miserable.

It's rumoured that at this time of year, at far northern latitudes, e.g. 
Sweden for example, people can go quite stir crazy from the inability to 
go outside or to see any daylight: cabin fever strikes. Tempers fray, 
fights start, especially if there is alcohol involved. And this from 
people who might normally be quite embarrassed to be seen behaving in 
such a fashion.

And if you are dealing with a troll, confrontation is *not* the answer. 
What real trolls desire most is to fan the flames of disagreement, and 
generally cause people to not get along with each other. The only way to 
foil them is to ignore them: they'll soon move on to more fertile grounds.

But I really don't think we've had any trolls in the NG lately, although 
perhaps one or two people have been *extremely* grumpy ;-)

pining-for-the-tropics-ly y'rs,

alan kennedy
email alan:              http://xhaus.com/contact/alan

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