How did you learn Python?

Christopher J. Bottaro cjbottaro at
Fri Dec 3 18:52:47 CET 2004

Batista, Facundo wrote:
> [Shawn Milo]
> #- I was just wondering what the best books were for learning Python.
> #-
> #- Which books are good for getting started, and which should
> #- be saved for
> #- later, or or not useful except as a reference for the learned?
> My particular process did not involve any printed book. It was something
> like this:
> - GvR and FL intro tutorial (don't matter how much you know about
> languages, just read it).
> - General overview of standard library
> - Language reference
> - Dive into Python
> Of course, program as much as you can in the whole process. And always
> read other's code.
> .     Facundo

That is pretty much exactly what I did.  I'm a C/C++ programmer (or
was...;), I recently learned Perl and discovered the awesomeness of very
high level languages.  Everyone I talked to kept saying that Perl is a
dying language, so I decided to learn Python.

>From there I read the tutorial (Learn Python in an Afternoon):
Then I coded a very simple online role playing game (a MUD) with Python and
the MySQLdb module for practice.  I made ample use of the library
And I read all of the programming FAQ which helped a ton:
Then I Googled a lot of specific quetions (like the difference between class
methods and static methods).

That might not be structured enough for you, but at least check out the
tutorial, its pretty well structured...=)

Python is really fun and easy to code in, I love it.

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