Best GUI for small-scale accounting app?

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Mon Dec 20 15:14:54 CET 2004

On Mon, 20 Dec 2004 11:37:23 -0200, Carlos Ribeiro
<carribeiro at> wrote:
But if the data entry
>forms are simple, I recommend you to check some lightweight approaches
>for Web development in Python. I personally used CherryPy
>(; you can also check Quixote or Snakelets. All three
>are much lighter than Zope. CherryPy in particular is extremely light
>and easy to work with, and includes a reasonably powerful embedded
>Python-based webserver; it's not Apache, but it's much easier to set
>up. And all three options are free.

"Your CherryPy powered web applications are in fact stand-alone Python
applications embedding their own web server. You can deploy them
anywhere you can run Python applications." - cool!!

Python is getting damn serious contender in dev arena I see...

It's a man's life in a Python Programming Association.

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