standard IDE in python 3000 (or beyond)? *semi-newbie*

mike kreiner mike.kreiner at
Thu Dec 30 23:35:46 CET 2004

I should add that i mean no insult to the IDLE developers. they've done
a good job. it just seems that many people, after trying IDLE and being
unimpressed, decide to work on one of the myriad other open-source
python IDEs. i think we're all looking at python 3000 as being a huge
boost for python (comparable to Firefox's 1.0 release for example). the
ability to break backwards compatability makes me think 3000 can really
clean house for the language and win over many new converts as a huge
(and well publicized) step forward. i'm wondering if other people
believe one of the main keys to 3000's success is the default IDE. in
other words, why aren't more resources put into IDLE, instead of some
of the more specifc language tweaks?


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