Problem with os.listdir and delay with unreachable network drives on Windows

Read Roberts rroberts at
Mon Dec 27 20:07:44 CET 2004

Thank you for your response - this was very helpful.

I find that 'win32net.NetGetUseInfo()' does not 
deal with UNC names - it seems to require a drive 
specification in the form of  a single letter. 
The following sequence worked well for me, 
resulting in a much shorter 'hang time' for 
unreachable network mapped drives than simply 
calling gos.listdir()

# get list of logical drive strginsdrive strings
volumeList = win32api.GetLogicalDriveStrings().split("\000")[:-1]

# some time later...
# vol is an entry in the volumeList.

driveLetter= vol[0]
dirList = []
if win32file.DRIVE_REMOTE = win32file.GetDriveType(driveLetter):
		driveStatus = win32net.NetUseGetInfo(None, driveLetter, 3)
		if driveStatus['status'] == 0:
			dirList = os.listdir(vol)
			# tell user the selected drive is not available.
	except pywinypes.error(e)
		# tell user the selected drive is not available
		# happens when drive letter is not one
		# of the current logical drives

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>with unreachable network drives on Windows
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>[Read Roberts]
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>Maybe a win32net.WNetGetUniversalName() [expands drive to UNC name]
>and   win32net.NetGetUseInfo()  [returns  various  info  on  UNC  name
>including status] will help you. I don't have a time to setup shares,
>so I can't guarantee that this approach will work as you expect. First
>function might raise an exception on disconnected devices, which you
>will need to handle. You might also need win32file.GetDriveType() to
>distinguish between remote and local drives.

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