Best GUI for small-scale accounting app?

JanC usenet_spam at janc.invalid
Tue Dec 28 23:52:16 CET 2004

Ed Leafe schreef:

>> I think the field of GUI frameworks / tools for Python is fragmented
>> because it's fragmented outside of Python too...
>      I think that the reason things are fragmented in this field is that 
> none of the tools are simple enough to learn.

Even on Windows, where several well-known and/or easy to use "Rapid GUI & 
Database Development Tools" exist (Delphi, VB, Access, Visual FoxPro, 
FileMaker, ...), the framework field is fragmented: Microsoft's Win32, MFC 
& WTL, Borland's VCL & CLX, wxWidgets, System.Windows.Forms, several Java 
frameworks, ...

But even then, if DaBo ever becomes as easy to use as Delphi/VB for this 
type of applications, while remaining cross-platform, that might easily 
double the number of Python developers.  ;-)


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