Boo who? (was Re: newbie question)

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Mon Dec 20 23:30:23 CET 2004

"Luis M. Gonzalez" <luismgz at> wrote in message 
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> As for the first ones, there's no reason to bash this project
> gratuitelly.

[gratuitously] I agree with this...

> It is as important and "python related" as other projects
> such as PyPy, Stackless,

but I think this is silly.  PyPy is an alternate implementation of Python, 
not a different language.  Stackless is a compiled extension, like many 
others, that works with the standard implementation or maybe still a minor 
modification thereof.

> Prothon, etc...

This I again agree with.  I understand that Prothon is also a *different* 
though Python inspired language.  Also that it is still under development. 
I have no idea of which has diverged more or whether they have mostly gone 
in the same or different directions (a possibly interesting topic for a 
post).  But neither are as 'Python related' as Python itself.

Terry J. Reedy

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