Python vs. Perl

Jon Perez jbperez808 at
Mon Dec 13 20:52:09 CET 2004

Michael McGarry wrote:

> I intend to use a scripting language for GUI development and front end 
> code for my simulations in C. I want a language that can support SQL, 
> Sockets, File I/O, and shell interaction.

In my experience, Python is definitely much more suitable than Perl
for the first four areas mentioned in the last sentence.  For the
last area, I'm not sure, but Python's capabilities in this area are
also quite good.

For GUI development and front end, Python most likely has better
facilities than Perl, but still leaves a lot to be desired (after
getting a taste of Delphi 3rd party VCL components, all other RAD
environments pale in comparison).

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