MP3 - VBR - Frame length in time

Dmitry Borisov jbors at
Thu Dec 9 03:52:42 CET 2004

"Ivo Woltring" <TheDolphin at> wrote in message
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> Dear Pythoneers,
> I have this problem with the time calculations of an VBR (variable bit
> encoded MP3.
> I want to make a daisy writer for blind people. To do this I have to know
> exactly what the length in time of an mp3 is. With CBR encoded files I
> no real problems (at least with version 1 and 2), but with VBR encoded I
> into trouble.
> I noticed that players like WinAMP and Windows Media player have this
> problem too.
> I don't mind to have to read the whole mp3 to calculate, because
> is not a real issue with my app.
> Can anyone help me? I am really interested in technical information on VBR
> and MP3.
> Can anybody tell me the length in time of the different bitrates in all
> versions of mp3 and all the layers.
> Tooling or links also really welcome. My own googling has helped me some
> on the subject of VBR I get stuck.

Try mmpython.
It has something to deal with the VBR tags( XING header ).

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