feature suggestion

Jimmy Retzlaff jimmy at retzlaff.com
Fri Dec 24 14:36:13 CET 2004

flexibal wrote:
> as we all know, just doing
> v = 5
> declares a new variable named 'v'... but we are people, and we do make
> typos... and it's very disturbing to find your program crashing after
> two weeks of operation, over a NameError... because a certain branch
> your code, that was previously never taken, had finally been taken.

PyChecker (http://pychecker.sourceforge.net/) will help you spot this
kind of thing. For example consider typo.py:

def f():
    x = 1
    y = 1
    if 0 == 1:
        print a
        print x+y

When you run PyChecker on typo.py it will issue the following warning:

typo.py:5: No global (a) found


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