Lambda going out of fashion

Mike Meyer mwm at
Sat Dec 25 00:06:29 CET 2004

Nick Coghlan <ncoghlan at> writes:

> jfj wrote:
> Python 3.0 will be a case of "OK, let's take the things we learned
> were good and keep them, and throw away the things we realised were
> bad"
> Undoubtedly, the two languages will co-exist for quite some time.

Perl 6.0 is going to include even more drastic changes. It will also
include a Perl 5.x interpreter, and will have to be switched to 6.0
mode by a magic cookie of some kind in the source. Possibly Python 3.0
could do something similar. Use the same byte code engine, and a
compiler switch that enables the gotchas. Or maybe
"from __past__ import gotchas"


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