Python mascot proposal

Graham Fawcett graham.fawcett at
Mon Dec 13 22:34:30 CET 2004

Luis M. Gonzalez wrote:
> Hey Dimitri,
> I completely agree with you in that Python needs once for all a cool
> logo.
> I like your design very much, but I have a few thoughts about it:
> 1) I think that Python's logo should reflect its power.
> If we use a mascot as its image, we would be giving the wrong idea:
> that Python is a "toy" language, instead of a very good alternative
> other mainstream languages.

+1. But I think your logo would be a great identifier for Python when
teaching it to younger students. Perhaps the EDU-SIG/Python in
Education folks might be interested.

The American wrestler Hulk Hogan used to intimidate his opponents by
flexing the muscles of his arms, which he refered to as his "26-inch
Pythons". Now, there's a powerful image that would strike an awe-ful
chord in the hearts of many a thick-glassed geek! "Whatcha gonna do,
when the world's most powerful dynamic language comes after you?"
-- Graham

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