PIL : possible ?

News M Claveau /Hamster-P essai1 at mci.local
Sun Dec 12 09:50:19 CET 2004

PI = Py (in french, it's the same 'sound')
=> PIL = (Py)L
and Py become P24
=> PIL = (P24)L
however, 'L' Christmas finishes It (in french, Christmas = NoëL)
and '(P24)' can to do readed like "Prepare, 24, for"
=> PIL = (P24)L  =>  Prepare, 24 for NoëL (Christmas)

Therefore, I hope that Fredick Lundh is a reincarnation of Santa Claus, and
that we will have a PIL for Python 2.4 in Christmas.

Do you think that it is probable?

Michel Claveau

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