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Terry Hancock hancock at
Thu Dec 16 06:51:42 CET 2004

On Sunday 12 December 2004 09:27 pm, duane osterloth wrote:
> I'm looking for a stand alone email program which is not browser based.  
> I simply want to write, send and receive email without accessing the
> internet.  Is Python 3.0 that kind of program?   I'd appreciate your
> response.  

The fact that you seem not to be aware that Python is a programming
language, and not an email client suggests an extreme, if not actually
flammable state of newbie cluelessness.  May I suggest visiting



before asking questions like this on mailing lists?  It could save you
a lot of pain and embarrassment in the future.

In any case, the above will work very well for PACKAGENAMEHERE = python:

Fortunately, we were all newbies once.  ;-)

I suspect you are looking for something like "pine", "elm", or "mutt".  Or you
really should just do a search for "email client" on Google.

Python certainly does have an email client module, which means you can
write your own email client with it. Or indeed, if you're really hard core, you
can load your mailbox using the interactive shell and process them like
any other program data. But I really doubt you want to go there.


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