Best GUI for small-scale accounting app?

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at
Tue Dec 21 22:46:06 CET 2004

Bulba! wrote:

> - QT seems to be industrial-strength, but.. it's probably
> more complex/difficult to use.
> - wxPython/PythonCard is probably simple to use, but.. 
> are there not some pitfalls that development will fall 
> into once the app starts growing (they all do)?

 From my point of view, PyQt is easier to use (and is simpler, runs 
faster, looks better on Linux etc), while wxPython is much cheaper (and 
runs faster on Windows). As I am guerilla Python programmer (and try to 
drive as much Python into company as I can), I use wxPython on Windows 
platform as it doesn't trigger unnecessary questions on licensing, 
pricing et caetera.

wxPython has very nice GUI builder (wxGlade), it is not about as 
complete as Qt Designer, but speeds-up development significantly.

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