lies about OOP

Martijn Faassen faassen at
Wed Dec 15 22:49:46 CET 2004

Peter Hansen wrote:
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> Paul McGuire wrote:
>>> "Martijn Faassen" <faassen at> wrote in message
>>> <snip - it's "Dijkstra" not "Djikstra", you dolt! :)>
>>> Yikes!  (or better, "Jikes!" or even "Yijkes!"?) - my bad.
>>> And he was on faculty at UT right here in Austin, too.
>> It's a very common mistake I've seen so often that for a while I 
>> wondered whether his name really *was* Djikstra, but I knew he was 
>> Dutch and that it couldn't be so. That the PSU picked you for its 
>> disclosure is just a random coincidence, I'm sure.. :)
> Well, in any case, thanks for setting the record straight, Martjin.

That of course also happens to me once every while. I can take care of 
myself though -- Dijkstra however needs an advocate for the correct 
spelling of his name in this earthly realm.

Imagine, for instance, what if he wants to egosurf, google for his own 
name and finds nothing because everybody was saying Djikstra all the 
time? That'd be terrible! What, they don't have google in the eternal 
realm? How can it be valhalla without google? Impossible.



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