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Terry Hancock hancock at
Sat Dec 11 00:58:36 CET 2004

On Wednesday 08 December 2004 09:29 pm, Phillip Bowden wrote:
> I feel that I've learned the language pretty well, but I'm having 
> trouble thinking of a medium to large project to start.  What are some 
> projects that you have written in the past with Python?

I would recommend going to Sourceforge and doing a search for
projects that list Python as their programming language. You'll
find lots of open source projects in Python, and maybe a few you'd
be interested in pursuing.  There are lots of projects that need 
help, and some are quite fascinating projects, depending on your

You might also want to try the same sort of thing at

Except there, they shoot you if you say "open source", even if
you are in fact using the GPL license, as I found out the hard
way.  Fair warning.


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