Francis Lavoie francisl at
Mon Dec 13 01:52:10 CET 2004

Egor Bolonev wrote:

> On Sun, 12 Dec 2004 14:57:50 -0500, Francis Lavoie <francisl at> 
> wrote:
>> Do we need a special account or something to use the newsgroup 
>> instead  of the mailling list?
> why we use newsgroup instead of mailing list?

1. to keep my mail separated from the python discussion.
    And this mailinglist/newsgroup is quite big, 150 messages a day, is 
a lot of mail to go trough.
    It is easier to delete all mail without deleting my own one when I 
want to. Sometime there's subject I dont have answer or dont interest 
me. Othertime I'm tired or I didn't check my mail for a couple of day 
and it has become huge.
2. Better and faster search. Has I said, I dont want to keep all these 
mail in my mail box
3. I don't want to be notice 2 time per minute for mail. I prefer using 
it like a forum

 >Yes, you have to find an NNTP server that carries comp.lang.python. 
It's possible your Internet service provider runs such a news server and 
will let you access it as a part of your subscription (this is the case 
for me). If not then you'll have to contract with a third party news 
service (some of htese are available for free).

 >Alternatively, take a look at, a mailing 
list/newsgroup interface service which I believe offers an NNTP service.
 > Steve

thank you, I was not well informed on how it does work. I though it was 
like a mailinglist or jabber like, just add it in your news section and 
it will connect directly on a news server. But it work now.

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