Python Docs. Hardcopy 2.4 Library Reference, interested?

Jacek Generowicz jacek.generowicz at
Thu Dec 9 13:04:09 CET 2004

"Brad Clements" <bkc at> writes:

> Is anyone interested in purchasing a hardcopy version of the Python 2.4
> Library reference?
> That is, assuming it was NOT  a direct print of current html/pdf versions.
> So, nicely formatted for a printed book (spiral bound probably), with
> several indexes as appropriate, or perhaps a permutted index.
> I'm thinking about doing this through or cafepress, but it's going
> to take a lot of work to make a really nice printed version of the library
> reference from the LaTex source files (even via sgmlconv). Also wondering if
> I can get bleeds from either of these sites.
> So, before I waste my time. Is anyone interested in such a beast? And if so,
> how much would you be willing to spend?
> On demand printing still looks expensive to me. :-(

Brian Gough (Network Theory Ltd.) publishes Python manuals:

He sometimes reads this group; I've CCd him to give him a heads-up.

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