installing 2.4

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Fri Dec 3 04:05:30 CET 2004

"Jeff Shannon" <jeff at> wrote in message
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> Jive wrote:
> >As for checking the "application path",  I don't know what that means.
> >
> >
> Go to a command prompt, and type 'echo %path%'.  You'll see a list of
> all the directories that Windows looks in to find an executable -- i.e.,
> if you type 'python', Windows will work through this list of directories
> looking for a program named 'python', and will execute the first one it
> finds.  If you want 2.3 to be your default Python version, then you
> should have 'C:\Python23\.' somewhere near the front of this list.  If
> 'C:\Python24\.' is first in the list, then you may be running the wrong
> version of Python.

It now has Python22 in the path!  How do I change that?  I just now
re-installed 2.3 BTW.

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