pythonwin broke

Jean Brouwers mrjean1ATcomcastDOTnet at
Sat Dec 4 19:28:12 CET 2004

I'm not sure what Pythonwin is.  The Python start menu shows "Python
(command line)" and "IDLE (Python GUI)" plus docs, etc.

Your experiment with IDLE works just fine.  Both windows closed on
clickin X.  This is Windows XP SP2 with Python 2.3.4 from the site.

/Jean Brouwers

In article <N39sd.6149317$6p.979116 at>, Jive
<someone at> wrote:

> Do an experiment for me.  Open Pythonwin from the start menu.  Use the FILE
> menu to open a .py file.  Now try to close the window you just opened using
> the X button in the upper right.  Did it close?  Try closing Pythonwin using
> its X button.

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