how to start a new process while the other ist running on

Erik Geiger Erik.geiger at
Wed Dec 22 11:19:00 CET 2004

Thanks, thats what I use now :)

Harlin Seritt schrieb:

> Quickie:
> os.system("/path/to/ &")
> More elegant, have a look at threads
> ------------
> Harlin Seritt
> Erik Geiger wrote:
>> Hi,
>> sorry, my english ist not that got but I'll try.
>> I have a running python script (capisuit This script shall
>> start a linux shell script. If I start this script like
>> os.system(/paht/to the python scipt waits for the exit of
>> the shell script and then goes on with the rest of the python script.
>> How to start a shell script without waiting for the exit of that shell
>> script? It shall start the shell script and immediately execute the next
>> python command.
>> Thanks for any hints
>> Erik

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