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>Brad Tilley wrote:
>> Peter Hansen wrote:
>>> The answer is "what are you trying to do?".  The others have
>>> given options and good advice, but the "right" approach
>>> depends on what exactly you are doing.  Is this just for
>>> display purposes, or is there more significant (though
>>> perhaps not "precision-critical") calculation going on?
>> I'm summing up the bytes in use on a hard disk drive and generating a 
>> report that's emailed based on the percentage of the drive in use. I 
>> know there are other ways to do this, but I like Python and I like to 
>> write my own code. I always find comp.lang.python a very helpful place.
>So, from the sounds of it, you really care about this
>rounding operation in the displayed values, in which
>case the "'%.2f' % value" approach ought to be fine.

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