Fun with Outlook and MAPI

Larry Bates lbates at
Sat Dec 11 16:00:02 CET 2004

At the risk of beating a dead horse, but you really should consider
using SMTP instead if you are really going to be sending a lot
of messages.  I think you will find it more reliable and much faster.
It also eliminates the need for ANY email client to be on the machine
that is sending the messages.

Here is a link to a class that wraps everything up very nicely.  You
should be able to be sending SMTP emails with it in 10-15 minutes.
It supports binary attachments as well.

Larry Bates

Chris wrote:
> I'm trying to send an e-mail through outlook.  So far I've gotten it to 
> work with the mail script at 
>  My only 
> problem is that when I call Resolve() and Send(), I get confirmation 
> dialogs.  I will be sending out quite a few e-mails at a time, and would 
> rather not have the user have to click yes for every single one.  Does 
> anyone know a workaround?  I know about smtplib, but I would prefer to 
> simply make what I have work.  Thanks.
> Chris

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