Improving Python (was: Lambda going out of fashion)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Dec 23 17:33:40 CET 2004

Skip Montanaro wrote:
>    Keith> My personal gripe is this. I think the core language, as of 2.3
>    Keith> or 2.4 is very good, has more features than most people will ever
>    Keith> use, and they (Guido, et al.) can stop tinkering with it now and
>    Keith> concentrate more on the standard libraries.
> What keeps you from being part of the "et al"?

as I've proven from time to time, joining the "et al" and *not* tinkering with
the language doesn't mean that the language stays where it is.

(I've said it before, and I'll say it again: native unicode and generators are
the only essential additions I've seen since 1.5.2, with properties and sub-
classable C types sharing a distant third place.  the rest of the stuff has had
zero impact on my ability to write solid code in no time at all, and negative
impact on my ability to download stuff that others have written and expect
it to work in any Python version but the latest...)


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