lies about OOP

Jon Perez jbperez808 at
Thu Dec 16 19:40:49 CET 2004

projecktzero wrote:

> A co-worker considers himself "old school" in that he hasn't seen the
> light of OOP.(It might be because he's in love with Perl...but that's
> another story.) He thinks that OOP has more overhead and is slower than
> programs written the procedural way. 

The problem with OOP is not overhead in the sense of slower programs.
It's overhead in terms of complexity.  OOP frameworks also make doing
simple things require way too much effort and study.

Inheritance is a very inflexible way of organizing code - it makes it
impossible/extremely difficult/expensive to change the design of base
classes.  Hence, the recent popularity of interfaces as an alternative.

The thing I love about Python is how it manages to hide its OOP-ness
most of the time compared to languages like Java and C++.  Python
concepts like 'protocols' greatly lessen the need to deal with
awkward OOP ideas.

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