Securing a future for anonymous functions in Python

Roy Smith roy at
Thu Dec 30 20:24:46 CET 2004

Ian Bicking <ianb at> wrote:
> I think this specific use case -- defining callbacks -- should be 
> addressed, rather than proposing a solution to something that isn't 
> necessary.  Which is to say, no one *needs* anonymous functions; people 
> may need things which anonymous functions provide, but maybe there's 
> other ways to provide the same thing.  Decorator abuse, for instance ;)

I'm not a big functional programming fan, so it should not come as a 
surprise that I don't often use lambda.  The one place I do use it is in 
unit tests, where assertRaises() requires a callable.  If what you're 
testing is an expression, you need to wrap it in a lambda.

I suppose you could call this a special case of a callback.

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